A Message from Ronald F. Doddy

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Generous people will give millions of dollars to non-profit organizations this year. The organizations they give to and the amount they give are limited only by how they are approached. Donors expect the same superior customer service from the non-profit sector as they do in their business relationships. Many non-profit organizations are limited because of the funding they think they need or deserve.

All non-profits need funding for their existence, but many have no idea how to go about raising these funds. We explain to you in detail how we will raise funds on your behalf. We do all the work for you so your volunteers time is freed up to do what your mission is all about.

We report to you on a weekly basis with the status of your campaign and to make sure that you are satisfied with the results of your program.

I have been involved in the fund-raising arena for over seventeen years. Each program we do is distinctly original to meet your needs, whether a project-specific Capital Campaign or Donor Development for long term budgeting. We can provide a Fund-raising Campaign for you!

We believe fund-raising is not just raising funds, it’s about building relationships with people who have an interest in your organization. Are you ready to start asking for their help? With so many organizations asking for money you have to stand out from all the rest. You literally have to be number one with your donors. Be assured that we will do our best to “exceed your expectations”.

~Ronald Doddy


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